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Monthly history magazine in Sweden

Populär Historia
CategoriesHistory magazine
PublisherBonnier Publications
CompanyBonnier Group
Based inMalmö
WebsitePopulär Historia

Populär Historia (Swedish: Popular History) is a Swedish language monthly history magazine published in Malmö, Sweden. The magazine has been in circulation since 1991 and is the first history oriented periodical in the country.[1]

History and profile

Populär Historia was started in 1991.[2][3][4] The founding company was Historiska Media.[5] The LRF Media acquired the magazine in May 2010 and owned it until 1 June 2016 when it was sold to the Bonnier Group.[1][6]

The magazine is based in Malmö.[7][8] Since 2016 the magazine has been published by the Bonnier Publications on a monthly basis.[6][3] As of 2016 Jacob Wiberg was the editor-in-chief of the magazine.[8]

In 2007 the majority of Populär Historia readers were men.[2] The circulation of the magazine was 22,300 copies in 2000.[1] The magazine sold 35,000 copies in 2009.[5]


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